POLYPAL OIL Hose for Road Tanker Loading with Fuels

For bottom loading of road tankers with diesel, heating oil and gasoline it is common to use hose assemblies DN 100 in wet hose operation. For decades Elaflex 'Yellow Band' TW hoses have set the standard for this application.

The refieneries' fuel package output gets ever more complex. In order to manufacture environmentally friendly and efficient premium products, terminals have to constantly handle new and changing fuel qualities including new types and contents of aromatics and additives. Some of the new compositions may have an adverse effect on the longevity of standard hoses.

Loading hoses have to adapt. Following several years of practical field testing we recommend the new type POLYPAL OIL as a standard tanker loading hose for gasoline products, optionally also as a 'one-for-all' universal hose for all kinds of media in this application.

Due to its universally resistant, electrically conductive UPE lining POLYPAL OIL is suitable for all types of petroleum based products, aromatics and fuel additives. The hose construction provides a very low permeation of highly volatile fuel components. The cover is made of 'oil resistant' chloroprene.

Further details: Elaflex Information 9.18 E and Catalogue page PAL01

Online configuration of POLYPAL OIL hose assemblies: Hose Configurator