AdBlue Dispenser Hoses

AdBlue® urea solution ( DEF, AUS 32, ARLA 32 ) to ISO 22241 must fulfill high purity standards.
A consistent urea quality must be assured, from 'Terminal to Nozzle'.

For the refilling of cars and commercial vehicles at the dispenser Elaflex has developed the
Slimline 16 AdBlue forecourt pump hose. In combination with the appropriate stainless steel hose couplings, the plasticiser-free and leachingresistant lining, this dispenser hose ensures constant purity of the dispensed urea solution.

Slimline 16 AdBlue is highly flexible and available either with black or blue cover.

Due to similar requirements in the field of Autogas refuelling, the plasticiser-free and leaching-resistant LPG 16 dispenser hose has been used so far. With Slimline 16 AdBlue, a dedicated
urea dispensing hose is now available, fulfilling customer requirements for a better differentiation of AdBlue® hoses when used with multi product dispensers.

Please also see:
- Elaflex-Information 2.16
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