Section 3: Tank + Pipe Couplings

TW Male Couplings, TW Dust Caps, Chains, Page 311‑312

acc. EN 14420-6 (DIN 28450)

  • Type VK (Male couplings),
  • Type MB (Dust caps),
  • Type K (Chains)

Reverse Side: Special Types (lockable fill pipe coupling TS 80, anti-theft protection, dip stick cap MP 50 P, PFA coating)

Update: 09.2017

TW Female Couplings, TW Dust Plugs, Page 313‑314

acc. EN 14420-6 (DIN 28450)

  • Type MK (Female couplers - also with Safeguard Lever),
  • Type VB (Dust plugs - also with pressure relief)

Reverse Side:
anti-theft protection for MK couplings, TW coupling wrenches, PFA coating

Update: 08.2015

TW Crown Pieces, TW Coupling Nuts w. Lever / Seals, Page 315‑316

acc. EN 14420-6 (DIN 28450)

  • Type TW-K (Crown pieces for MK couplings),
  • Type TW-M (Coupling nuts for MK couplings, alternatively also with Safeguard Lever or with bent lever),
  • Type TW-H (spare lever)

Reverse Side: Coupling Seals Type KD

Update: 09.2017

"TW" Couplings w. different threads, Page 319‑320

  • Type VK-IG (Male coupling VK with female thread),
  • Type VK-AG (Male coupling with male thread),
  • Type MK-IG (female coupling with female thread),
  • Type MK-AG (female coupling with male thread)

Reverse Side: Special Types VK-R, MK-R, Storz AG-R, Storz IG-R

Update: 08.2015

Adaptor Couplings TW-TW + TW-Storz, Page 321‑322

  • Type VK x VK,
  • Type VK x MK,
  • Type MK x MK,
  • Type VK x Storz,
  • Type MK x Storz

Reverse Side: Special Types VK 50 x 21/2", VK 50 x MB 80, KR 50, 90° Bends

Update: 08.2015

Rail Tanker Adaptors, Page 325‑326

  • Type KWZ
  • Type KWZ-VK
  • Type KWZ-MK
  • Type KWZ-Storz

Reverse Side: Special types KWZ-SS, LKWZ-MK, KWZ-Guillemin, Seals for KWZ

Update: 08.2015

Symmetrical Couplings, Page 327‑328

  • Types Storz IG (Storz fixed coupling with female thread),
  • Storz AG (Storz fixed coupling with male thread),
  • Guillemin IG (Guillemin fixed coupling with female thread),
  • Guillemin AG (Guillemin fixed coupling with male thread)

Reverse Side: Chart "Commonly used thread measurements"

Update: 07.2016

Rail Tanker Discharge Couplings, Page 329‑330

  • Types KWK
  • Type KWK-VK
  • Type KWK-MK
  • Type KWK-Storz

Reverse Side: Rail tanker discharge

Update: 03.2019

Flexible Bronze Pipe Connectors DN 25-50, Page 333‑334

  • Type BWO, corrugated bronze pipe connector without seals, standard type
  • Type KW, cathodic protection corrugated pipe connector with seals

For installation in suction pipe between dispenser and underground storage tank, as well as within sumps.

Reverse Side: threaded flange GF, oval blind flange OBF, flange seal PD, Nylon-flange seal NFD

Update: 01.2020

Cam Locking Couplings acc. EN 14420-7, Page 341‑344

  • Type AMB (Dust cap),
  • Type AVKI (Adapter with female thread)
  • Special types AVKA, Adapter A, Adapter F, Spare lever, Spare seals, AMB-PP, AVKI-PP
  •  Type AVB (Dust plug),
  • Type AMKI (Coupler with female thread)
  • Special types AMKA, Coupler D, Coupler B, Coupler C, Adapter E, AVB-PP, AMKI-PP
Update: 12.2021

Dry Disconnect Couplings, Page 345‑346

  • Type DDC-M

MannTek Dry Disconnect Couplings acc. NATO Stanag 3756, compatible to Emco, Avery Hardoll, Todo.

Reverse Side: Dust Plugs DDC-S, Flow Diagram, Selectivity System

Update: 01.2017

Dry Disconnect Couplings "DDC-V" (Tank & Unit), Page 347‑348

  • Type DDC-V

MannTek Dry Disconnect Couplings acc. NATO Stanag 3756, compatible to Emco, Avery Hardoll, Todo.

Reverse Side: Dust Caps DDC-K, Flange Measurements, Functioning

Update: 07.2022

DGC Dry Gas Couplings for L.P. Gas, Page 349a-349b

  • Type DGC-M
    (Hose Unit)
  • Type DGC-V
    (Tank Unit)

Reverse Side: Dust Plugs, Dust Caps, Flow Diagram

Update: 10.2020

Safety Breakaway Couplings SBC/SBC-C, Page 350a-350d

  • Breakaway Safety Couplings Type SBC, reusable, self-closing, Breaking Bolt Version
  • Breakaway Safety Couplings SBC-C, reusable, self-closing, Cable Release Version
Update: 06.2024

Threaded Caps, Page 351‑352

  • Type BK (Dust cap),
  • Type BK...SS (Dust cap stainless steel),
  • Type K (chain),
  • Type K...SS (chain stainless steel)

Reverse Side: Special Types BK 11/4" H, Dip Tube Fitting PRV, "Navy" Dust Cap, Dust Plug BS

Update: 08.2015

Female/Male Reducers, Page 353‑354

  • Type RS

Reverse Side:
Reducer for dip tube RS 1 x 11/4" PRV, reducer RS...NPT, reducer RS ...NPT x ACME

Update: 08.2015

Female/Male Reducers of Stainless Steel, Page 355‑356

  • Type RS...SS

Reverse Side: Chemical Resistance Chart Fittings

Update: 07.2022

Welding Nipples, Page 357‑358

  • Type AN,
  • Type AN-Al,
  • Type AN-SS,
  • Type AN-NPT

Reverse Side:
Special Types AN 51/2", AN-R, AM, ANS 50 Al

Update: 08.2015

Double Nipples Male/Male, Page 359‑360

  • Type DN,
  • Type GN,
  • Type DN...Al,
  • Type DN...SS

Reverse Side: Special Types DN-R, DN-SSE, Advantages of the Flat Sealing System

Update: 08.2015

Reducing Nipples Male/Male, Page 361‑362

  • Type RN,
  • Type RN...Al,
  • Type RN...SS

Reverse Side: Special Types RN-R, RN-SSE, Double Sockets DM, Reducing Sockets RM

Update: 01.2017

Swivels DG, Page 363‑364

New construction with capsulated ball bearing and PTFE bearings.

  • Type DG Ms
  • Type DG SS
  • Type DG Al
Update: 08.2018

Flanges with Male Thread, Page 365‑366

  • Type FGN
  • Type TGN

Reverse Side: Special Types FNG-SSE, FGN-PP, Flange with reduced nipple, Flange with elbow

Update: 01.2014

Welding Flanges for Tank Trucks, Page 367‑368

  • Type TFA (DIN 28460 aluminium),
  • Type TQFA (space saving square shape),
  • Types TF, TFA (DIN 28461 steel or stainless steel),
  • Type TFB (blind flanges DIN 28459)

Reverse Side: Commonly Used Flange Measurements

Update: 07.2016

Sight Glasses, Threaded TW-Flanges, Page 373‑374

  • Type SG (sight glass with female thread),
  • Type TSG (sight glass with TW flange),
  • TGN (TW flange with threaded nipple)

Reverse Side, Spare Parts and Special Types:
Spare glasses for SG/TSG, spare seals, sight glasses with rods, TSG 3" x 15°, SG 1" with propeller

Update: 08.2015

ELAPAC Flange Seals, Page 381‑382

  • Type FD (round flange seals),
  • Type QFD (square flange seals)

Reverse Side: Special Types according to sample or drawing

Update: 10.2019

ELAPAC Flange Seals, Page 383‑384

  • Type FD (oval flange seals),
  • Type FD-TM (round flange seals PTFE coated),
  • ELAPAC-FD Sheets/Coils

Reverse Side: Specification ELAPAC

Update: 09.2017

Thread Seals, Page 387‑388

  • Type TD (PTFE seals),
  • Type HBD (Thermopac seals),
  • Type ViD (FKM seals),
  • Type HyD (Hypalon seals),
  • Type EPD (EPDM seals)

Reverse Side: Examples of Use for Thread Seals GD

Update: 09.2013

Flat Seals Polyurethane, Page 389‑390

  • Type VD (flat seals of Polyurethane)

Reverse Side: Various Seals (for ACME, Guillemin, KWK, KWZ, road tanker manholes)

Update: 03.2023

Coupling Seals, Page 393‑394

  • Type TWD,
  • Type TWO,
  • Type BIT,
  • Type GSD,
  • Type TD,
  • Type TM,
  • Type RD

Reverse Side: Application examples for coupling seals KD

Update: 12.2021

EL 800 Earthing Strap, Page Info 2.07

  • Type EL 800

Earthing Straps (also called "Bonding Straps" or "Electrobonds") of rubber, length approx. 800 mm, with vulcanized copper strand and brass eyelet.

For the dissipation of electrostatic discharging between a vehicle and the ground.

Update: 01.2007

Coupling Seals "Storz", "AKD", Page 395‑396

  • Type STKD (Storz coupling seals),
  • Type AKD (Camlock coupling seals)

Reverse Side: Chemical resistance chart seals

Update: 05.2024

 Catalogue Pages by Category

"TW" Couplings System DIN 28450

  • TW Male Couplings, TW Dust Caps, Chains / Special Types
  • TW Female Couplings, TW Dust Plugs "MK", "VB" / Special Types
  • TW Crown Pieces, TW Coupling Nuts with Lever / Seals
  • "TW" Couplings w. different threads / Special Types
  • Adaptor Couplings TW-TW + TW-Storz

Rail Tanker Couplings

  • Rail Tanker Adaptors "KWZ" / Special Types
  • Rail Tanker Discharge Couplings / Comments on Rail Tanker Discharge

Tank + Pipe Couplings

  • Symmetrical Couplings "Storz", "Guillemin" / Chart Thread Measurements
  • Cam Locking Couplings EN 14420-7
  • Safety Breakaway Couplings SBC/SBC-C
  • Threaded Caps BK, Chains / Special Types
  • Female/Male Reducers RS / Special Types
  • Female/Male Reducers RS of Stainless Steel / Chem. Resistance Chart
  • Welding Nipples AN / Special Types
  • Double Nipples DN (GN) / Special Types, Advantages of Flat Sealings
  • Reducing Nipples RN / Special Types, Double and Reducing Sockets
  • Swivels DG
  • Flanges with Male Thread TGN, FGN / Special Types
  • Welding Flanges TF / Commonly used Flange Measurements
  • Sight Glasses, Threaded TW-Flanges / Spare Parts and Special Types

Corrugated Pipe Connectors

  • Flexible Bronze Pipe Connectors DN 25-50

MannTek Dry Disconnect Couplings

  • Dry Disconnect Couplings (Hose Unit) / Dust Plugs, Flow Diagram
  • Dry Disconnect Couplings (Tank Unit) / Dust Caps
  • DGC Dry Gas Couplings for L.P. Gas


  • ELAPAC Flange Seals FD, QFD / Special Shapes
  • ELAPAC Flange Seals FD
  • Thread Seals GD / Application Examples
  • Flat Seals Polyurethane VD / Various Seals
  • Coupling Seals / Applications
  • EL 800 Earthing Strap
  • Coupling Seals "Storz", "AKD" / Chemical Resistance Chart Seals

Tank, Pipe and Hose Coupling Components.

In catalogue section 2 you will find couplings and accessories as single components. They can be mounted to hose assemblies, to pipe systems, tanks and road or rail tankers. Additionally we offer a large range of adapters, caps and plugs, swivels, flanges with thread, welding flanges, sight glasses, and spare seals. 

We will supply only standard compliant quality components, the major part from own production.

Our service goes beyond the standard programme you see in the catalogue. We will supply any other required coupling, either commonly traded or of special design, as long as it is in our range of competence.ion. 

Quality Example: TW Couplings from the Specialist

TW road tanker couplings to EN 14420-6 (previously DIN 28450) were developed approximately fifty years ago, among other with ELAFLEX HIBY contribution. These couplings with their simple and leak-free connection substituted many non-standardised coupling types, a standardisation which made sense..

During the past years, prices and unfortunately also quality came under pressure with many suppliers. One should not forget what it is all about in the refuelling business: good value products - without compromising safety and functionality. 

In view of many low-priced TW-couplings in the market, the user should not forget what is important when transferring costly or hazardous media: a good price-performance ratio, without compromising functionality or safety. 

ELAFLEX HIBY 'TW' couplings are manufactured according tight quality standards:

  • more than sufficient wall thickness for resistance against wear, thus longer service life
  • dimensions true to gauge, checked with exact measuring equipment, for reliable functioning
  • brass couplings are hot stamped (heavy forging dies, maximum stability against cracking)
  • stainless steel couplings investment casted, free of shrink holes, electro-polished surface
  • material specifications stipulated by the standard are met (something that unfortunately can not be taken for granted any more with many manufacturers)
  • careful processing of the raw parts• first choice spares, e.g. springs, bolts and sealings
  • clear manufacturers branding - inportant in case of product liability issues. Next time you are confronted with low priced TW couplings from competitors, please note whether you can individuate the manufacturer of the product. Even for simple applications such as the bulk transfer of grain or cement, broken couplings (we can show you several examples) can lead to high consequential cost due to product loss. Without knowing the manufacturing company, you might be liable. Trying to cut corners to save a few euros can be a very costly experience.

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