ALJAC joined forces with the ELAFLEX group

Elaflex Hiby Tanktechnik (Hamburg) has acquired a shareholding in Aljac Fuelling Components Limited of Shepperton, UK, since July 2019.

Aljac is a specialist supplier of safe and innovative aviation refuelling systems and equipment consisting a wide range of its own premium products and quality products from internationally respected manufacturers.

"This partnership takes Aljac to the next level of our development and will bring about a tremendous improvement in the global support of our product range", says Dave Smith, Managing Director of Aljac.

Stefan Kunter, Managing Director of Elaflex agrees: "Our product and customer structures complement each other well and brings together respected products in the fuel handling world. We are a committed partner to our customers and suppliers."

Aljac delivers to worldwide locations from its main UK warehouse and their subsidiary in Hamburg, Germany. Existing distribution arrangements will remain unchanged. Aljac will continue as an independent company with no staff or management changes.

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