'DGC' Couplings new LPG Standard in Africa

Equipment used for the transfer of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) must provide a high level of safety across the whole transport chain – from the refinery to the point of use. Operators expect and require that their equipment work reliably and without the risk of cold burns or unwanted product release at working pressures up to 25 bar.

Of particular importance in this context is the failsafe function of couplings. The EN 14420 standard does not recommend the use of Cam Locking Couplings, flange connections or other open quick coupling systems. These can lead to increased risk of serious accidents which can result from an unwanted disconnection of these fittings. ACME couplings are considered safe and widely used, but also involve the risk of excess spillage (gas release) when uncoupling and can contribute to economic losses, increased safety risk and impact on carbon footprint for operators.

In South Africa, the use of Cam Locking Couplings are no longer permitted for gas tanker applications. It was legislated by the Department of Employment and Labour and the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa (LPGSASA). Since the 1st October 2020, the LPG system has to be equipped with 'DGC' Dry Gas Couplings manufactured by MannTek. The failsafe function of the 'DGC' self-locking quick couplers prevent unwanted opening of the couplings under all operating conditions.

Recently, the state oil company in Egypt has also decided to change the LPG transfer system from existing thread or flange connections to 'DGC' disconnect couplings. It will be implemented by mid 2021.

Elaflex and their daughter company MannTek have been supplying high quality LPG refuelling equipment for decades that have proven themselves in practice.

Benefits of the 'DGC' Dry Disconnect Couplings for LPGas:

  • self-locking quick connected to EN 13175 / 13760
  • robust, modular and long-lasting design
  • immediate disconnection with one-handed operation
  • no liquid loss (gas release) and therefore very economical, safe and eco-friendly
  • easy and time saving handling without using additional tools
  • accessories of self-locking 'SBC' Breakaway couplings

As an internationally recognised system supplier, Elaflex additionally offers the following products which guarantees media purity, safe and easy handling of LPG:

  • LPG hoses to EN 1762
  • Hose fittings to EN 14422 / 14424
  • Safety Breaks
  • bespoke Hose Reel solutions

All products are used for the transfer of LPG (GLP), Propane, Butane and Autogas for vehicle refuelling, road and rail tankers, containers, ships and loading arms.
Download: Elaflex Information 4.13