ELAFLON PTFE: Proven Universal Hose with Teflon® Liner

The versatile material PTFE is known as hose lining material for many years. Until now, users normally had to compromise when choosing a PTFE-lined hose - with regards of flexibility, safe electrical dissipation, suitability for pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs, or the possibility of self-assembling.

With ELAFLON PTFE we offer a high performance hose with a unique combination of properties:

  • smooth PTFE lining
  • of DuPont Teflon®
  • conform to FDA, fulfills USB Class VI requirements
  • at the same time electrically OHM-conductive to EN 12115
  • highly temperature resistant - up to +150° C

So, ELAFLON PTFE is truly universal:

  • suitable for aggressive and hazardous chemicals,
  • suitable for pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs.

The Teflon® liner is chemically and durably connected with the other hose components. This provides excellent longevity and vacuum resistance - The firm compound structure enables very good flexibility and kink resistance of the hose.

The possibility of easy self-assembly with Elaflex safety clamp type couplings acc. EN 14420 is another distinctive feature of the ELAFLON PTFE. This means shorter lead times and improved cost effectiveness compared to a custom built hose assembly.

Download: Catalogue Page 127

Note: DuPont and Teflon are registred trademarks by E.I du Pont de Nemours.