ERV Product Configurator

What you see is what you get:

The ERV Product Configurator from Elaflex makes it quick and easy to select and visualise the required expansion joint. Rubber expansion joints are components for pumping and piping systems, suitable to compensate movements, noise and vibration.

The choice of different bellow types, DN-sizes, lengths, flanges and accessories translates into millions of possible combinations. So far customers have had to consult lots of data sheets to find the required one. Elaflex now offers an interactive alternative:

The new tool is intended to save buyers, consulting engineers and installers time. In a few steps and at a glance the final product is selected and summarised with an image, part number and relevant data. Associated data sheets can be downloaded as PDF.

It is common that various types and sizes are required at the same time. The configurator enables the user to collect multiple products in a watch list.

The selected products can be saved, or sent as an enquiry to Elaflex.

The detailed and realistic visualisation helps you to evaluate the size and execution of the compensator. Please have a try.