Inter Airport 2019 Review

Elaflex looks back on a successful Inter Airport 2019 show. We want to thank the many customers and visitors at our booth for their interest in our latest aircraft refuelling innovations.

Our product highlights:

  • The ZVF 50 UL (green) overwing refuelling nozzle ) is used for unleaded fuels, e.g. UL 91. Details and order numbers for all ZVF 50 types, Download: Information 5.13
  • For the ZVF 50 overwing nozzle the nozzle boot NB-ZVF 50 SR is suitable for installation on board of refuellers and dispensers. This new option includes an additional spout retainer for spout change over. Download: Elaflex Information 10.15
  • The ZVF 25 nozzle is now provided free of non-ferrous metals to JIG guidelines. Download: Catalogue Page 537
  • The hose reels from own production are provided for e.g. mobile refuelling equipment (containerised, tanks or cabinets) or as fix installation next to dispensers on small airports. Also new available: Grounding reels. Download: Hose Reel Brochure
  • For a safe and easy moving of DN 100 refuelling hoses on dispensers Hose trolleys from own production are available.

We look forward to welcoming you again at Inter Airport 2021 in Munich.