New Shape for Stainless Steel Hose Tails

The connection between hose and fittings should not be the weakest link. The EN 12115 standard for hoses is based on a temperature range of -20 to +65 ° C. Modern rubber hoses are frequently used for media temperatures in excess of +65° C. For this reason we have developed a new contour for stainless steel hose tails which also meet this high temperature environment.

The stainless steel hose tails with optimized shape provide an enhanced level of security, also with operation temperatures up to 150° C. They are suitable for both pure rubber hoses as well as for thermoplastic lined hose types such as UTS / UTD, FEP and PTFE. They can be offered with Spannfix® and Spannloc® safety clamps as well as crimped ferrules.

All stainless steel hose tails from Elaflex production up to DN 75 mm will be changed over to the new contour. Prices will remain unchanged.

Further details you will find in our Elaflex Information 5.15.