New Technical Documentation for Hose Connectors and Safety Breaks

ELAFLEX has been offering proven hose connectors an clamp accessories as well as Safety Breaks. We have summarised all important technical information on the following new catalogue pages.

CatPage 297a-d: Hose Connectors + Clamp Accessories

We offer different types for the safe and gentle connection to hoses.

  • Type SPANNFIX (Safety pinned clamps)
  • Type SPANNLOC (Safety bolted clamps)
  • Type SH (Safety crimping ferrules)
  • Overlook Mounting Systems
  • Special types 'SC ... KSS', 'SCS ... KSS' and TSV
  • Anti-Kinking Sleeves 'KSS'
  • New: Marking options of safety clamps

CatPage 533a-d: Safety Breaks

Our self-closing, reusable Nozzle Breaks, Hose Breaks and Pump Breaks are used to protect dispenser, hose assembly, individuals and cars against damages caused by drive-off incidents.

  • Type SSB (Safety Swivel Breaks)
  • Type CSB (COAX Safety Breaks)
  • Type PSB (Pump Safety Breaks)
  • Type SSB .. DC (Double Closing Safety Breaks)
  • Special Types with integrated sight glass
  • Type ARK 19 (for LPG)
  • New: Type SB-LNG (for LNG)
  • New: Type SB-CNG (for CNG)

Download: ELAFLEX Catalogue