Petrol Station Expo 2019 in Germany –
Our Review

In early May Petrol Station Expo 2019 took place in Münster, Germany. Over two days we presented our products for vehicle refuelling to expert visitors. The following topics were the focus of discussions:

Fuel Grade Identification to EN 16942
The fuel grade identication to all filling points in Europe is law and has had to be implemented by autumn 2018, or in some countries later this year. It is a requirement that the nozzle is marked accordingly. Our ZVA nozzles can be easily retrofitted with Fuel Grade Identifiers 'EK FGI'. It is also possible to directly print motive together with the symbol on our product badges. Download: Elaflex Information 3.17

For our Autogas nozzles we offer the Scuffguard 'EA 866' with an integrated fuel grade identification. Download: Elaflex Information 4.17

Product ID App
This digitisation tool from Elaflex gives easy access to technical specifications, certificates, archives, documents and other source materials. Service and maintenance companies especially benefit by the easy handling of inspection scheduler and planner. It is now also possible to get access without log in. Download for iOS and for Android.

AdBlue® Refilling
The average number of AdBlue® dispensers at petrol stations has grown to enable vehicle drivers an user-friendly filling facility. It avoids spills and cumbersome single-use bottle/packed product waste. For the refilling of Diesel passenger cars and transporters below 3.5 t ('Light Vehicles') our specially developed 'ZVA AdBlue LV' is used in conjunction with fill interface to ISO 22241-5.
For heavy vehicle refilling the field proven 'ZVA AdBlue HV' is used. Dispensing is only possible in combination with standard conforming magnet adapters such as our ELAFIX 40 integrated in the tank filler necks. Download: Catalogue page 521a-d

Order of Product Bagdes
Product Badges 'EK 145' for our ZVA nozzles are available in small production runs on request. A large selection of different versions are chossable with the online BadgeSelector. Customer own designed motives can be created with the BadgeCreator.