SG-PSB 16: Pump Break with Integrated Sight Glass

For the direct assembling to 'high hose' dispensers we have for many years supplied Pump Safety Break PSB and sight glass type SG. A compact version of the Pump Safety Break SG-PSB 16 with integrated sight glass is optionally available.

This self-sealing 'Pump Break' helps to protect the dispenser, hose assembly and vehicles in the event of a drive-off. Compared to 'Hose Breaks', SG-PSB is directly installed on the top outlet of a high hose dispenser – without the need for 'pigtail' hoses. It enables easy handling, reduces thread connections / interfaces and prevents leackages.

It is available with different thread connections. For a better visualisation of the fuel flow
sight glass SG can additionally be equipped with a propeller.

Available types:

  • SG-PSB 16.8x1 with or without Propeller
    (¾" NPT male x 1" BSP female)
  • SG-PSB 16.8x3 with or without Propeller
    (¾" NPT male x ¾" NPT female)

As the installation and operating manual shows, SG-PSB can be re-assembled similar to all other known Elaflex pump and safety breaks.