Ultra Fast Fill System for CNG

Oasis Engineering, a member of the Elaflex group, is a CNG component manufacturer and have developed the Ultra Fast Fill Sytem to transfer CNG from storage, through dispensers to waiting vehicles and trailers.

We provide CNG users with the highest efficiencies for the entire refuelling system – safe, quick, ultra fast cool fills.

Our new CV300 series Check Valves are eliminating a common industry wide issue of the poppet chatter caused by turbulence. Due to the optimised poppet design the wear is significantly reduced for a safer and long term operation.

The reliable BV700 series Ball Valves are designed and cycle tested to ensure longevity. The full flow design guarantees a highly efficient CNG transfer. The ball valves are fully repairable and can be easily maintained.

For trailers the durable HC300 series Quick Couplers reduce significantly the filling time and deliver a better customer experience.

Fill Valves and Nozzles, Manifolds and accessories round off our CNG product range.

Please also see CNG certificates.