ZVA 2 - Cleanest Diesel Refuelling with DRIP STOP

When refuelling with Diesel, the spout is often coated with Diesel. As Diesel does not easily evaporate, fuel residue could migrate onto the nozzle after stowing the nozzle back.

To avoid this, all ZVA Slimline 2 are equipped with an integrated Diesel Drip Catcher (1).

For cleanest Diesel refuelling you should also use the DRIP STOP option (2). A magnet valve within the spout stops Diesel drops within second, without any considerable pressure loss up to a flow rate of 50 l/min. To-the-penny-dispensing and topping off is possible as always.
DRIP STOP leads to cleaner and safer forecourt floors and an improved refuelling experience.

Additional Part No: ... TMV, further details please see ELAFLEX Information 11.15

In many cases it is possible to substitute existing spouts with the DRIP STOP version, please ask our EHT sales team.