ZVA AdBlue HV for the refuelling with urea

AdBlue® (urea solution) serves for the exhaust cleaning of heavy Diesel vehicles with SRC catalysators. This will be necessary due to the EURO 4 or 5 standards for heavy vehicles.

A separate tank for AdBlue is mounted on board of the vehicle. Apart from suitable hose assemblies, ELAFLEX now also offers a special nozzle ZVA AdBlue HV and the correspondent Elaflex filler neck adapter 'ELAFIX 40' for AdBlue refilling of trucks.

A magnet opener within the spout is activated by the adapter magnet. Diesel nozzles do not fit into this adapter and ZVA AdBlue HV only works in combination with the AdBlue adapter - a misfuelling (mixup with Diesel) therefore is not possible.

Download: Catalogue page 521a for details.

AdBlue® is a registered trademark of VDA.