ZVA AdBlue LV: Nozzle for Light Vehicles

More stringent regulations for exhaust emissions within the European Union to achieve the prescribed EURO 6 limits for nitrogen oxides (NOx) lead to the use of AdBlue® or DEF/AUS 32 urea solution (urea-SCR process) for Diesel vehicles. From September 2015 most Diesel passenger cars and transporters below 3.5 t – grouped together under the expression 'light vehicles' – need to have an additional on-board tank of the reagent AdBlue®.

To enable a user-friendly filling facility on the dispenser and also to avoid cumbersome single-use bottle /packed product waste, Elaflex has developed the nozzle type ZVA AdBlue LV which is available since April 2016.

This new ZVA nozzle type incorporates a misfilling-proof interface which fits onto the ISO 22241-5 vehicle filler inlet. Its lightweight and slimline ergonomic design will provide the motorists with the same level of easy handling they are used to.

Details and part number breakdown, please see Elaflex Information 1.16E or Catalogue Page 521a.
For installation and operation please read the Manual ZVA AdBlue LV.

For a consistent urea solution quality Elaflex additionally supplies the new Slimline 16 AdBlue hose. This dedicaded urea dispensing hose is highly flexible and available either with black or blue cover. Download: Cataloge Page 111a.