DDC Dust Caps with Pressure Relief Valve to ADR Requirements for Road Tankers

The ADR ( European Agreement on International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, revision 2015 ) prescribes that bottom discharge openings on road tankers shall be equipped with at least three independent shut off devices – two valves and a third closing device. It is also required that the third closing device – e. g. pressurized dust cap or plug – must enable a safe release of pressure in the discharge pipe before the closing device can be completely removed. This protects the operator and guarantees a high leakage protection.

Our product range is complemented by the new dust caps DDC-K 2½" Al ADR + DDC-K 3" Al ADR with pressure relief valve.

These pressurized dust caps PN 10 of aluminium for DDC male adapters on road tankers are much lighter than the PN 25 versions of stainless steel.

DDC-K ... Al  ADR is mechanically locked during the connection. To disconnect, the operator has to open the locking system of the cap. Simultaneously the pressure relief valve opens to atmosphere. If there is any existing pressure in the pipe liquid or gas can release via the opened valve and simultaneously warns the operator to rotate or open the cap. Liquids or gases will not release towards the operator. In the event of vacuum in the piping system the pressure relief also equalizes the pressure.

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