Deprecative Prize for ZVA Copies from China

Just like in the General Industry, manufacturers of petrol station equipment are affected by Chinese product copies.

Practically everything which is successful is copied - mostly without compliance to European technical and quality standards, and without adherence to rules for a fair trade. China´s legal protection for intellectual property is still in its beginnings. The European Union increasingly takes a clear position against product piracy. A European directive provides for the sequestration and destruction of slavish imitations by the customs authorities.

The German minister of justice, Mrs. Brigitte Zypries now also announced to promote further steps for the protection of intellectual property, and against product piracy. During the design exhibition "Ambiente" in Frankfurt / Germany, Zypries promised to bring forward international initiatives. As a signal, the minister handed over the so-called "Plagiarius" trophy on February 9.

Annually, companies are ´rewarded´ with the feared black "Plagiarius Dwarf" with golden nose, for unapologetic copies and falsifications.

This year´s special prize went to the Chinese company Zhejiang Baotai Machine Factory (´Great Wall´) for the slavish imitation of ELAFLEX petrol station nozzles, in conjunction with brand piracy (use of the original brand names).

We published the Information leaflets 3.03 and 11.06 about the copies of their nozzles ZVA Slimline und ZVA 200 GR which can be requested from our ETT department.

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