Equipment Trucks for Dangerous Goods Incidents

Fire brigades or other special forces have special equipment trucks for dangerous goods incidents. As coupling systems and the organisation of civil protection largely differ from country to country, the required equipment is not covered by international but by national regulations and standards. The Elaflex Information 2.17 E gives an overview of the required equipment to DIN 14555-12.

'TW' couplings to EN 14420-6 are the heart of the system. These are widely used in the chemical and petroleum based industries in Germany and Europe and can be easily combined with adapters to allow connections to other coupling systems.

Universal hoses to EN 12115 : 2011 with UPE or fluoro­polymer lining shall be used. They must fulfill the electrical conductivity class OHM/T and remain in use for both suction and pressure operation. 

Elaflex fulfils the requirements and supplies 'TW' couplings as well as hose types UTS or Polypal Plus (inner lining UPE) and Elaflon PTFE  (inner lining of PTFE).

If you need advice or product packages for your country, please call the Elaflex sales team.