New adpater KR 50-2½'' for heating oil filler inlet

Tanker operators often have to work with difficult-to-access oil heating filler inlets. Sometimes the filler inlet is positioned within a narrow niche due to a subsequently isolated house walls. The access to under storage tanks (e.g. manhole) are also difficult to reach. So far, tanker operators had to use improvised adapters to overcome mentioned problems.

With the new adapter KR 50-2½ Elaflex offers a simple and reliable solution. The adapter has a VK 50 / 60° alu elbow and 2½" BSP female nut.

This eliminates time-consuming makeshift adapter solutions. The adapter fits on the filling connection typically used in Germany 2½ " BSP female nut and allows easy connection. The compact BSP female nut can be fixed in addition with a hook spanner.

For Switzerland, Elaflex offer a version KR 50 - 2¾ with 2¾" female nut.

Elaflex recommend: This adapter belongs on board every heating oil road tanker.