Frank De Poli appointed as new President of the PEI Latin American Committee

Frank De Poli, Regional Director of ELAFLEX Latin America, has been named Chairman of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) Latin America Committee for 2021. The PEI Board of Directors and its President, Mr. Steven Dixon, announced this appointment during December. De Poli will be leading the efforts of the PEI Committee to strengthen the PEI in the region, develop strategic relationships with regulatory agencies and industry associations in the different countries, and encourage reliance on the PEI as a leading authority in the industry.

In addition to his position as Regional Director of ELAFLEX, De Poli is President of ELAFLEX Latin America and ELAFLEX Brasil, and Executive Director of the ARPEC Group of companies operating in Latin America. In his 35 years of experience in the petroleum industry, De Poli has developed an extensive network of contacts and relationships in our industry on a global basis, and in particular in Latin America. This experience and network will be useful in advancing the objectives set by the PEI Board for the region.

When asked about this recent appointment Frank commented: "It is for me a great honor to be named Chairman of the PEI Latin American Committee. It will be a huge privilege and pleasure to work with members of the Committee, the PEI management team, and with colleagues and friends in our market segment on such an important project and during such a critical time for our industry. For this, I commit to applying all of my experience and know-how to try to meet and exceed the objectives defined by the honorable PEI Board of Directors."