"LPG 16" - Standard Hose for L. P. Gas Dispensers

Based on decades of experience in quality petrol pump hoses we have developed a new hose type DN 16 mm for Liquefied Petroleum Gas dispensers. "LPG 16" has got what it takes to become the standard Autogas hose.

Meeting latest requirements the tube of LPG 16 is plastisizer-free, meaning no components can be washed out which could lead to malfunctions within the gas system of motor vehicles.

The customer refuelling its car will instantly notice the outstandig flexibility compared to conventional Autogas hoses. Especially in winter this is a big improvement; LPG 16 is cold flexible down to – 40°C.

With its smooth, glossy look -just like Slimline hoses for petrol and diesel- the hose can be integrated into the design of modern dispenser islands. Orange Colour Sleeves help for a clear colour coding.

LPG 16 is approved by DVGW and meets EN 1762 and the German safety standard TRbF 131.

For further details please order Information 4.03 from our ETT department.