Product Badges - new series e.g. for 'E 10'

In the beginning of 2011, Germany introduced additional 'Super' fuel types with Ethanol content of up to 10% (E10), additional to the standard types with Ethanol content up to 5%.

The E10 fuel must be clearly marked on the dispenser and on the nozzle, as not all vehicles are suitable for it.

We took the opportunity and made a new series of standard product badges for ZVA nozzles which you can see here – also available in small quantities.

Which standard badges do YOU need?
Please send an E-Mail - if we get detailed feedback, we can create new standard series suitably for your purpose.

If you require special design - we do custom made multi coloured Product Badges from just 50 pieces. Please send your enquiry to, or upload your design directly at Badge Creator.