Safety Break for AdBlue (DEF) Urea Solution

Refuelling with 'AdBlue' urea solution (or as in the U.S., DEF - Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is not unlike standard diesel refuelling. Sometimes drivers may be distracted and leave the nozzle in the filler pipe and inadvertently drive off.

To reduce risks and damage to the dispenser, we have now developed the SSB 16 SS Safety Swivel Break for AdBlue (DEF).

This reconnectable Safety Break is made of stainless steel; like our other well known components for urea solution ( i.e. LPG 16 AdBlue hose, ZVA Slimline AdBlue nozzle and the ELAFIX 40 magnet-adapter which fits into the filler neck) we place strong emphasis on not contaminating the urea solution by the suitability of the materials we use.

Download Operating and Installation Manual