Hose Accessories

In daily operation, hose assemblies are stressed: for example by frequent and severe bending, outer abrasion and torsion.

For the construction of our hoses we always have an eye on property and material combinations which are optimally matched with the hoses' application - and since decades, we stand firm to our philosophy 'better than the standard'.

For especially critical applications we now offer accessories to further protect your ELAFLEX hose.:

The new Anti-Kinking Spiral 'KSS', in combination with special Spannloc clamps, prevents kinking and protects i.e. universal hoses' thermoplastic lining against distortion.

Depending on the specific task, other hoses accessories might be useful to protect hoses against wear and early hose exchange - e.g. Anti-Abrasion Hose Beads 'AR-HB' or Hose Saddles 'HSB '.

For further details please read our Information 2.09E