Sulfur-free Petrol Pump Hoses: Type Slimline 'SL SF'

Refineries and Major Oil companies spend considerable effort in fulfilling the maximum allowed sulfur content of 10 mg/kg (corresponding 10 ppm) to EN 228 and EN 590 standard.

Elaflex is supporting these endeavours by introducing a new special type of petrol pump hose where all components including lining and cover are free of sulphur: Type Slimline 'SL SF'. Tests of fuel samples verified that the sulphur content of the fuel is not increased, even if the medium remains for a long time within the hose.

Type 'SL SF' fulfills all requirements of the relevant hose standards. Properties are equally good or even better than those of standard Slimline hoses. Quality petrol pump hoses 'Slimline' from Elaflex have been used for gasoline and diesel fuels for decades.

Further details, please also see
- Information 12.15
- Catalogue Page 111