Urea (AdBlue) refilling interface

Recently the draft ISO/DIS 22241-4 for fuel tank and nozzle interface for refuelling with AUS32 (AdBlue® urea solution) was published.

This standard sets framework for many further requirements, e.g. the standard requires that misfuellings from AdBlue into diesel tanks must be avoided.

ELAFLEX offers field proven and tested components for the safe refuelling of AdBlue with our ZVA AdBlue HV nozzle and the 'ELAFIX 40' magnet adaptor for vehicle filler necks. All requirements of the ISO/DIS 22241-4 are fulfilled. The filling experience is further enhanced by the use of the lightweight and flexible 16 mm ELAFLEX AdBlue dispensing hose.

More details, please download: Catalogue Page 521a and Information 2.16

AdBlue® is a registered trademark of VDA.